Your Ceremony...


  • As your Celebrant/Officiant, I am available to you for

your questions regarding, license, venues, restaurants and 

modes of transportation within the city.


  • I take personal responsibility to register your wedding

license in person at the County Recorders Office so

they are not late or lost.


  • I inform you as to when your official certified

copies will be available to you.








Wedding Consultation is Complimentary ~ I meet with you prior to your ceremony so that we together may discuss your ceremony specifics.


  • Most Ceremonies are approximately 15 minutes length. It is just

       enough time to be meaningful, without it feeling too drawn out.


  • Services and rituals such as the Unity Candle, Sand, Lazo of Love Prosperity Arras and Jumping the Broom are available with beautiful presentations.


  • I work with you to tailor your ceremony to your specifications. Some couples even like to write their own Vows.


          *I am also available for rehearsals if needed.








As Your Celebrant...